Other Life Coverages

8 Year Education Plan

This plan is a non-participating limited pay, anticipated endowment annuity plan where the Insured is covered by a term insurance for an amount equal to the amount insured for a term of twenty three (23) years.

Prestige Life Plus

An interest  sensitive, non participating whole life plan which pays a Bonus  based solely on the Corporation's investment returns.

Whole Life

Provides lifetime protection of the insured; the benefit consists of payment to the beneficiary of the sum insured at the death of the insured person.


The Endowment Life Coverage provides for payment of the sum insured to the beneficiary/ies in case of death of the insured or to the insured himself if he survives the stipulated period.
How do I avail of U-Life Protector Plus?

It's easy! Just give us a call and we'll do the rest!

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U-Life Protector Plus

20 Year Payment Life with Accredited Anticipated Endowment Plan

  • Yearly increasing lifetime protection
  • Overcoming Inflation
  • Increasing cash income every 5 years for 20 years