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Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Fire Insurance

Safeguard your valuable assets from accidental fires.

Marine Insurance

We provide manufacturers, importers, merchants, as well as financial institutions a form of financial protection against shipment losses.

Surety Bonds

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How do I avail of Casualty Line Insurance?

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Casualty Lines (Miscellaneous)

In the course of man's activities, it's always a possibility that an action may cause damage or injury to another through, perhaps, omission or failure to do a thing; or an outright unlawful act. This damage or injury to a person, which is the natural possible or direct and immediate consequence of a wrongful act or omission, would give rise to the need of insurance; that is to protect an insurer the cost/damage that maybe imputed to him.

As business owners seeking protection from loss that may arise from damages or injury that maybe imputed to them, we at United Insurance offer our service to cover accidents to individual, or group of individuals under the Personal Accident coverage; Business Premises Liabilities or Bodily Injuries and Property damage under the Comprehensive General Liability Insurance; Various Engineering Casualty lines such as Contractor's All Risk, Erector's All Risk, Machinery Breakdown and Electronic Equipment Insurance. There generally cover one or more undertaking such as those in construction and erection of structure; and include civil work, material damage or the cost in restoring thereof. We offer Mobile Phone Insurance for your protection against theft and damages.

Our qualified and licensed underwriters will be most willing to enlighten you on how you may avail the best protection for your business. At United Insurance Company, Inc., we continuously strive to render the best and excellent service to your needs.